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Silicon Valley Rage Room

Silicon Valley Rage Room

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Rage Room

BAY Area Rage Room

Bay Area Rage Room

Bay are Rage Room

Bay Area Stress Relief

Bay Area Stress Relief

Bay Area Stress Relief

Anger Management

Bay Area Anger Management

Silicon Valley Rage Room

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Silicon Valley Anger Management


About Us

Are You Stressed?

Stuck in Traffic?

Dealing with Heartbreak?

Recently Let Go?

OR Just want to have FUN?!

Break Stuff is the Bay Area's first and only Stress Therapy Demolition Center. Our purpose is to provide a venue to the public that encourages controlled chaos.  We provide a variety of experiences that require the destruction of any and all inanimate objects. Televisions, Glass Bottles, Computers, & Garden Gnomes are some of the items broken to pieces in our facility on a daily basis.



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Note: $10.00 recycle fee is collected with each package below.

Pricing: Reflects cost of room for five people max; Corporate Events, may experience different pricing depending on size, time, and attention. 


Bring Your Own Break: Your Stuff + Our Room

Annihilation (20min)
3 Box of Bottles  + 3 Electronics

All You Can Break (30min)
4 Box of Bottles+  4 Electronics



50 Glass Bottles







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Book Your Appointment:

CALL : (408) 854 - 4210

860 S 1st St. San Jose, CA 95110

Hours: Monday - Wednesday (Closed)

             Thursday & Friday: 5pm-9pm

             Saturday & Sunday: 12-8pm



     BOOK: www.calendly.com/breakstuff 
     Phone: (408) 854-4210

NOTE: Appointments Only.



What do I get?

Break Stuff has partnerships with multiple recycle vendors; Therefore, our Inventory is constantly rotating and changing. Items might include: VCR, DVD Player, Stereo Speakers, Glass Bottles, and various miscellaneous electronic items.

Age Requirement:

All participants need to be 13+ 

Anyone below the age of eighteen will require a parental guardian. 

Required Clothing:

Anyone participating @ Break Stuff will need to wear close toe shoes, pants, and long sleeve shirt or sweater, Women are recommended to wear their hair in a pony tail. Also, This is a physical activity and you will sweat, so workout clothes will be the best attire.

Already Redeemed?

Those who are close to having their third-party voucher expire will be redeemed one week prior to the date. This happens twice a month and ensures your ticket can still be used beyond the expiration. If you have been redeemed, please put the numerical number in the reservation where it ask for 'voucher'.

Can I bring stuff?

Yes, you can bring your own stuff. We do start our BYOB at $40.00; price is subject change depending on items. If you wish to bring stuff on top of the items we provide it will cost $40

Do you Franchise?

If you are interested in opening a Break Stuff and leveraging the brand we have built, please contact us directly by email using the contact box on our contact page. 

How Many People?

Our new facility has three rooms and each can comfortably host five people. Our packages accommodate five people too. If you have a large group, we are capable of seeing teams of 20 in one hours worth of time.  Groups with third party vouchers cannot exceed three people. Thx